Suzanna Eibuszyc


Suzanna Eibuszyc was born in Poland, after the war, where she lived until the late 1960s. Suzanna graduated from CCNY with a BA. At the department of Jewish studies is where she first met Professor Elie Wiesel.  She received MA from UCLA, and was awarded a grant which allowed her to travel to Poland and Israel. Meeting professor and writer Elie Wiesel made her realize the importance of Holocaust survivors’ stories.  In 2012, Suzanna Eibuszyc received a funding from the Hadassah–Brandeis Institute for her project  “the Story of Roma Talasiewicz-Eibuszyc”. Her book, Memory Is Our Home (published by ibid-Verlag) brings to light the Jewish community in Warsaw after the first war, how Jewish refugees managed to survive the WWII throughout the vast Russian territories and the repatriation to Poland under the communist regime. How the Holocaust trauma is transmitted to the next generation and the price her family paid when they said good-bye to the old world and the challenges we faced in America.  

Suzanna contributed the article Memory is Our Home