Ehud Nave

Ehud Nave is a poet, writer, thinker, and a humorist.

He is the president of ‏‎Skymasters Aviation‎‏

Ehud Nave previously held the following positions:

  • ‏‎President of ‏‎Naveh Fine Arts‎‏
  • Project Manager in the City of Jerusalem
  • ‏President‎‏ of ‏‎Successories‎‏
  • ‏‎President‎‏ of ‏‎Gallery II Creative Concepts‎‏
  • A jewelry designer at Oscar De La Renta‎‏
  • Selection Judge‎‏ in ‏‎Miami Beach Festival of the Arts‎‏
  • El Al airline flight attendant ‏
  • Personal assistant to the painter David Suzana, the art advisor for the City of Jerusalem
  • ‏A jet engines expert in the Israeli Air Force

Ehud Nave Studied at the following institutions:

  • Design at the ‏‎Miami Jewelry Institute‎‏
  • At the Florida International University – Biscayne Bay Campus‎‏
  • Diamonds, pearls, and precious stones at ‏‎GIA Education‎‏
  • Aviation Science‎‏ at ‏‎Miami Dade College‎
  • Jet engine overhaul‎ at the Solar Gas Turbine School‎‏
  • Jet engine overhaul at the ‏‎Garret Air Research in Arizona‎‏
  • Business operations management‎ at ‏‎UNLV‎‏
  • At the ‏‎Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)‎‏
  • At Brandeis ‏

Ehud Nave is originally from Jerusalem. He currently resides in ‏‎Parkland, Florida‎‏

Ehud Nave contributed the poem אֵצֶל סָבְתָא