Dr. Chanan Rapaport

Born in 1928, Chanan Rapaport served as commander in the “Haganah Underground” during the British
Mandate in Palestine and, later, during Israel’s ‘War of Independence’. After the War of Independence he
studied Psychology and Sociology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He holds a doctorate in Clinical
Psychology and completed his post-doctoral studies in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and research, both in
the USA.
Upon returning to Israel, he was appointed General and Scientific Director of the “Szold Institute – The
National Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences”, serving for eighteen years (1965-1982).
During those years he also served two Prime Ministers- Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin- as advisor on social
In addition, he was also the psychological advisor to the Minister of Education & Culture, as well as
supervised all research projects conducted under the auspices of the Ministry.
Since the death of the famous genealogist, Dr. Paul Jacobi, he has served as the executor of his scientific
Currently he is the Director General of “The Centre for the Study of the Rapaport Family” as well as Board
Member of the “International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and the Paul Jacobi Center” at the National
Jewish Library in Jerusalem.