Book Review: The Avengers


By Gideon

The Avengers – by Rich Cohen

Reading the book was an eye opener: It is a fascinating story with many new revelations about Jewish resistance during WWII. I read the book in one weekend, unable to put it down until the very end. 

The book describes the real-life story of Ruzka Korczak, Vitka Kempner, and Abba Kovner in the Vilna (Vilnius) ghetto. The fast realization of what the Nazis intentions toward the Jews were. Starting an underground resistance group, and then when the ghetto is liquidated, moving to the forest and fighting the Nazis alongside Russian partisans. When the war was over they helped Jews to get to Israel, and then went after the Nazi war criminals in Germany, killing many of them.

Although it is always in the background, not ignored and not forgotten, unlike many Holocaust stories, the book is written in a way that does not focus on the horrors of the Holocaust, but on the life experiences of the main characters. For that reason, it is recommended to everyone, even to people who find it too difficult and too painful subject to read about .