Book Review: The Brigade

By Gideon


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The Brigade – By Howard Bloom

This is the real-life story of the Jewish brigade which was assembled by the British in Eretz Israel during WWII. The unit was made mostly of European Jews who had immigrated to Eretz Israel from Europe before the war begun. They volunteered to return to Europe as British soldiers and fight the Nazis. Many of them had immediate family members in Nazi controlled areas and their mission had a dual purpose; fighting the Nazis and saving their families. Their story did not end when the war ended.

During the chaotic period after the war, when borders were not fully established and military units from different allied forces were allowed to cross into each other territory, they remained in Europe and smuggled concentration camp survivors into Israel against a the British government policy which took a tough position against  Jewish immigration to Israel.

While still serving in British army and wearing army uniforms, they smuggled Holocaust survivors under the nose of the British government, while using British army trucks. They expanded their mission in Europe and hunted down Nazi war criminals. They executed nazis wherever they could be found.

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