Neither War Nor the Unknown Discourages them: Why they come to Israel

You can say it is a miracle. However, since there are so many miracles associated with the State of  Israel, this abnormal human behavior  is pretty much unnoticed: Israel is the only place in the world where people are immigrating to, instead of out of, despite the fact that the country is pretty much in a state of war since its creation in 1948. 

Immigration to Israel is on the rise: New immigrants are not discouraged by occasional eruptions of violence as they were not discouraged by waves of suicide terrorist attacks in 20001, by rocket attacks on northern Israel from Lebanon in 2006, by rocket attacks on Tel Aviv from Gaza in 2014. They surly will not be discouraged now by the nuclear deal with Iran. 

Who are these people?  

why do they come to Israel?

Why do they stay?

What is so different about Israel, compared to all the other hot spots  around the world, that attracts new immigrants in growing numbers?

The videos below provide some answers to these questions.