Israeli music

Israeli music is as diverse as the Jewish people.  Jews brought with them to Israel their music  from all over the world, where it was absorbed, reinterpreted, and reinvented as a unique  and distinctive musical culture. Israeli music is influenced by modern global trends and by traditional Jewish music.

The videos below are a small sample of the vast Israeli music world. Purposely, it is not organized in any specific order, popularity, or personal preference. Each song, each artist, is different and unique. Together they are like spices, creating a unique flavor like no other.  

I hope that the selection below is a true representation of the Israeli  music. In some clips the video quality is acceptable (although may not be the best), however, I included live performances only to demonstrate the interaction between the audience and the performers, and the affection of the Israeli audience to their performing artists.  

I hope that you’ll enjoy the selection below the same way I do.

Best regards,


Idan Amedi


Roni Dalumi

Yaldei Hachutz & Elai Botner

Omer Adam

Shlomo Artzi and Shalom Chanoch

Shlomo Artzi

Michel Cohen



Mosh Ben Ari


Sarit Hadad

Sarit Hadad and Eyal Golan

Idan Raichel

Miri Mesika


Yehuda Poliker

Yuval Dayan and Shlomi Shabat

Shlomi Shabat and David D’or

Yuval Dayan

Sharon Kidushin

Natan Goshen and Efrat Gosh


Efrat Gosh and Omer Adam

Amir Benayoun and David D’or


Aviv Gefen

Sholomo Artzi – The Finale

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