The 2nd Lebanon War and the Gaza War as seen in Videos

The war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hezbollah was fought in 2006. It is also known as the 2nd Lebanon War.

The Gaza war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas was fought in three rounds:

  • 2008–09 conflict, also known as Operation Cast Lead
  • 2012 conflict, also known as Operation Pillar of Defense
  • 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, also known as Operation Protective Edge

Each round was more sophisticated and impacted more people. Both Israel and its enemies are preparing for the next round of military confrontation. Most-likely the next war will be more deadly and more civilians will be impacted by it. There is a possibility that Israel will finds itself fighting both Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north. 

The tactic of Hezbollah and Hamas are similar; they learn from each other failures and successes after each confrontation with Israel. Their primary goal is to inflict as much Israeli casualties as possible by attacking the Israeli civilian population.

The 2nd Lebanon war was the first time where thousands of rockets were fired into Israel targeting Israelis cities. The last confrontation with Hamas introduced a new tactic; infiltrating Israel through tunnels dug under Israel’s security fence in addition to launching thousands of rockets. 

Between the 2nd Lebanon War and the last confrontation with Hamas Israel introduced the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system.

Both sides are now working on introducing new surprises and technologies. Hamas and Hezbollah are focusing their attention on finding effective ways to murder as many Israeli civilians. Israel is focusing its attention on developing new defensive technologies to stop them.

Preparation for the next war:

  • “The Israel Air Force has recently completed a series of drills aimed at improving the responses of drone operators to attempted hostile infiltrations of the country’s borders. The drills factored in lessons learned from the deadly antitank missile attack launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon in January, which killed two IDF soldiers. They also included lessons learned from Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last year.” []
  • “Report: Iran transfers millions to Hamas for reconstruction of tunnels” []
  • “IDF prepares for possibility of multi-pronged terror attack coming form Sinai” []
  • “Following the prominence of Hamas infiltration tunnels in last summer’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, the IDF is preparing for the possibility that in the next operation, part of the fighting will occur inside the tunnels themselves.” [″
  • “IDF drill prepares for Hezbollah threat in stormy Golan Heights” [″

The videos below are reminders why  Israel needs our support to maintain its military superiority.

 The 2nd Lebanon War: What, Where, How, Why

 The 2nd Lebanon War: The soldiers story

Rocket attack on Tel Aviv during Operation Pillar of Defense 

Operation Cast Lead

Rocket attack on Tel Aviv during Operation Protective Edge

Eyewitness Report during rocket attack on Ashdod in Operation Pillar of Defense 

An international law expert defends Israel’s actions in an Al Jazeera interview

The range of Hamas’ rockets in Operation Protective Edge

 Life in Israel during Operation Protective Edge

Israeli soldier reports on Hamas’ practices of using innocent people as human shields

Inside the terrorists tunnels  

Hamas terrorists performing war crimes acts against their own people

 Naftali Benet defends Israel’s actions during Operation Protective Edge

Criticism of the Obama administration during Operation Protective Edge


Life in Gaza 6 months after Operation Protective Edge

 Life in Israel 6 months after Operation Protective Edge

Why Israel is hated

A Personal Story of an Israeli Soldier in the Gaza War


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