Gideon Pick and the Shomron (Qualqilya) Battle

By Gideon

Translation of the official Israeli memorial site IZKOR:

In memory of Gideon (Gidale) Pick.

Killed 10.10.1956

Participated in combat operation near Qualqilya. After carrying two wounded friends, he also carried his commander who was badly injured. He was killed while carrying him.


Gideon Pick (August 7, 1937 – October 10, 1956) was born in Jerusalem. As a teenager, he participated in Israel’s Independence war as a runner between fighting positions, and as a projector guard. In 1955 he volunteered to the IDF’s elite paratroopers unit and was accepted to its special patrol unit after graduating with honors from the non-commissioned officers’ school. 

On October 9th, 1956, two workers were killed by terrorists in an orange grove near Even Yehuda. The ears of the workers were cut off by the terrorists. The terrorists came from and returned back to Jordan. In retaliation, Moshe Dayan ordered the paratroopers brigade, led by Ariel Sharon, to destroy the heavily fortified Jordanian police station in Qualqilya.

Gideon’s patrol unit was assigned to block the road east of Qualqilya in order to stop Jordanian reinforcement forces from reaching the police station. Gideon’s unit was deep in enemy territory, isolated, and far from the main IDF forces. After the mission was accomplished, on the way back, the unit ran into an ambush and was engaged in a heavy battle with the Jordanians.

Gideon was part of a rescue team that was sent to free the trapped soldiers. He was not supposed to be there. He was injured in a previous engagement with the enemy and was ordered to stay behind. He refused to do that and joined his friends.

Gideon rescued two injured soldiers and was killed in action while rescuing a third person, his commander, who was severely injured. Gideon’s actions in combat warranted a medal, but he was not awarded a medal because he refused the order to stay behind. However, his story and bravery in battle are taught since that day to new commanders of the paratroopers patrol unit. Gideon was 19 years old when he died.

This is the last letter from Gideon to his girlfriend Pnina. He wrote the letter just before going to battle. Pnina received the letter one week after his death.

Dear Pnina,

What should I write you?

A day before my friend Meir Har Zion* was injured he asked me to sit next to him at dinner. He told me that I’m one of the few in the unit that did not miss any violent patrol or violent reprisal activity. Today, the medic removed from my body fragments of hand grenade from the chase after the terrorists.

Davidi and Elisha (Elisha is the one who shook your hand in the non-commission officers graduation party), asked me to talk to you about going to officers’ school. The conversation drifted and we brought up memories of friends from the unit and from the battalion who were killed recently. Meir told us that some of them told him, a day or two before they were killed, that they had a strange feeling that the next battle will not end well for them. Tomorrow we are starting a two days road march in the Negev.

While I’m sitting in the snack bar and writing to you, Roni Fishbein** tells me that he was in the brigade’s office and one of the clerks told him that two workers were murdered in Even Yehuda, that the tracks lead to Jordan, and that in his opinion, another reprisal operation will begin soon.

I don’t know why but I have a strange feeling that my guardian angel had decided that he protected me long enough. The wound in my hand from the incident with the Syrians hasn’t healed yet but I have no intention to go to the clinic.

Pnina, I think that it is very strange that lately 18-19 years old teenagers talk about death. It is probably because we had many casualties in recent operations.

 Pnina, enough talking about death; you don’t know how lucky I was after our meeting the night before yesterday. Heavy rain began after few minutes of walking on the road to Gdera. I began running to find a shelter when I heard car breaks and then I hear Elisha yelling from a jeep;

 “Well Gideon, get in into the jeep. I’m wet already as it is.”

He dropped me off at the entrance to the barracks. Off course, during the ride, he did not stop talking about officers’ school. I told him that although I have more than a year to complete the service, and because my parents’ health is getting worse, I don’t think about a professional military career but that I’ll always be available for any activity that I’ll be needed for. We agreed to continue talking.

 Pnina, I don’t know why, I feel like writing you a long letter, but exactly now, Dubik from Hugla comes in into the snack bar and tells me that I need to go immediately to a staff meeting. I’ll ask him to give the letter to the clerk.

 Love you and miss you forever,


* Meir Har-Zion is a former Israeli military commando. As a key member of Unit 101, he was highly praised by Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan who described him as “the finest of our commando soldiers, the best soldier ever to emerge in the IDF”.

** Roni Fishbein was Gideon’s friend from the same village, Herut. Roni was killed in battle few weeks later on October 31, 1956 in the Mitle battle in the Sinai desert during 1956 Suez operation. He was 19 years old.

Michael (Micha) Pick  is Gideon’s younger brother. Michael is holding a Torah that was dedicated to Herut’s fallen heroes on May 28,2015. Herut (freedom) was the village were Gideon grew up. Michael followed Gideon and joined the paratroopers. He fought, in defense of Israel, in the 1967 Six Day War, the 1973 Yom Kippur War and many other military conflicts. In 1982, I ran into Michael deep in Lebanon, during the 1st Lebanon war. He was 20 years older than me, but was still a reserve combat paratrooper defending Israel from terrorist attacks. In the background is the memorial for the fallen heroes in Herut.

Click on this link to read Michael’s story as a soldier in one of Israel special forces unit Becoming a Sayeret (IDF Special Forces) Combat Soldier.

On May 8, 2019, the Israeli Memorial Day, Yuval, my bother-in-low, visited the Shomron (Qualqilya) Operation Operation Memorial in Kfar Saba. An Israeli tour guide was there to tell the battle story. Yuval recorded her stroy on his phone. This unique perepective on the battlefiled is a great leason about the history of Israel in uts early years. (The good, the bad, and the ugly.)

The recording is in Hebrew


The story of the Shomron (Qualqilya) Operation (in Hebrew) as told by the people who were there.


Gideon Pick was my uncle. I never met him. He was killed in action before I was born. This article is in his honor.

A paratrooper honoring Gideon at his grave. Tel Mond Cemetary, Israel. Memorial Day May 8, 2019.

Gideon’s parents graves (Tova Pick and Shlomo Pick) in the background.