The secret war that never stops


Lebanese news sources report that the terrorist organization Hezbollah arrested one of its top people on charges that he was a Mossad spy. According to the media, the arrested spy was responsible for informing the Mossad about five planned terrorist attacks on innocent people. Operation that Hezbollah planned as a  revenge  for the killing of the master terrorist Imad Murenia, and which were intercepted by the Mossad before they could be launched.

The name of the alleged Mossad spy is a Lebanese by the name of Muhammad Shurba. It is reported that he initiated the contact with the Mossad, and that he provided secret information to Israel for many years. He is accused of naming the Hezbollah terrorists who attacked the Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria two years ago, and for providing information that led to the capture of many Hezbollah operatives in many countries including Peru.

It is reported that Muhammad Shurba was at the very top of the Hezbollah organization, and at one time he was responsible for the security of Nassaralla, the head of Hezbollah.

If this report is true, then it is a sad day in the war on terror. It is very difficult to infiltrate a terrorist organization at any level. It is almost impossible to get so close to the terrorist leader and be able to report top secret information.

There is no telling how many innocent lives were saved by information provided by Muhammad Shurba. It is difficult to relate to a person whom I never heard of before his capture, and a person that the Mossad will never admit or deny any relation to. Yet, it is important to remember that a human being, a person who stopped terrorist attacks, is now being kept in a prison cell someplace in Lebanon where he is being tortured beyond belief.

Also, Ynet, the online Israeli news daily, reported that in a ceremony on December 18, at the Israeli presidential residence, the Israeli president Rivlin, the prime minister Netanyahu, and all the living Mossad heads, awarded Mossad operatives for their courage and their accomplishments.

Among the award recipients was a young female Mossad warrior (in her twenties) who was awarded for her courage and actions while risking her life in operations deep behind enemy lines. It is reported that she joined the Mossad only few years ago and was recognized quickly as an overachiever.

Other recipients of awards were a technology expert for his unique inventions in the field of espionage, a Mossad warrior who led a team in a complex operation in enemy territory, an intelligence gathering officer who participated in a difficult and sensitive operation, and to a Mossad person who took part in three operations in unique and sensitive place.

It is unlikely that we will ever know the details of these operations, or who are the recipients of the the awards.

What we do know, and what these two news reports reaffirm, is that there is a war which is being fought every day on behalf  of the Jewish people. It is fought by a small group of very brave people, who risk their lives to ensure that terrorists and other enemies of Israel and the Jewish people will not succeed.

The award ceremony today,and the sad news from Lebanon are rare occasions where the heavy curtain of secrecy is lifted and we get the opportunity to thank the warriors for their success, and to stand together in solidarity when someone is caught by terrorists deep in enemy territory.

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