Music and History – The Sephardi Jews and the Ladino language

The Spanish Holocaust lasted several hundred years; the inquisition continued to jail, torture, and murder Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity long after the expulsion ended. The Sephardi Jews who survived the expulsion and the Spanish inquisition, dispersed throughout  the Mediterranean region. They traveled  to England, Belgium, and Holland. Some of them traveled as far as America in their search for a safe place to live.The first Jewish communities in America where of Sephardi Jews.

Life was difficult for the Sephardi Jews. Still, they preserved their language (Ladino), their tradition, and their songs and music. A sample of their music and an overview of the Sephardi Jews’ culture and history is presented here in several videos. Each video is different in length and content.  English subtitles are included where needed.

Ladino song

 The history of the expelled Sephadi Jews – Told by Yehoram Gaon

Ladino music and culture

 Ladino song


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