Who was Mordechai Anielewicz

For most parts the Nazis rounded up the Jews and transported them to death camps. The Jews did not physically resist the Nazis. This was not how the peace-loving European Jews lived their life. Fighting back was not their strength and there was nothing they could do against the brutal attack by the massive German armed forces. They did not have weapons; they were not trained in combat tactics, and their leadership was not trained in the art of war. In a systematic way, the Nazis transported the peace-loving, non-violent, Jews from their homes in the ghettos to the death camps. Anyone who showed any sign of resistance was murdered in cold blood.

There were very few exceptions; one of them was a resistance group organized by a young Polish Jewish leader in Warsaw Ghetto. His name was Mordechai Anielweicz. May 8, 2013, is the 70th anniversary of the last day that Mordechai Anielweicz and his friends lived. They fought the Nazis in the Ghetto until there was no more hope and then they killed themselves to avoid capture by the Gestapo. Their story is to the Jewish warriors who 2,000 years earlier fought the Roman army in Masada. In both battles it was a fight of a very few Jewish people against a very powerful army; a superpower. In both cases the few, by their actions, earned the right to be called heroes. In both cases the battle ended in a tragedy; the Jewish heroes committing a mass suicide to prevent their capture by their enemy.

Who was Mordechai Anielweicz?  A Jewish hero who fought until he died to save his people’s life.

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