Arabs who stand with Israel

They are few, but they exist. Arabs who are not afraid to stand with Israel and tell the world, that the Jewish state is not the devil. That Israel is the solution. They risk their lives by doing so. Arab extremists will hurt them if they could get to them.

Not all Arabs are against Israel. These brave, articulate, and intelligent people are the reason why we shouldn’t generalize and stereotype Arab people. Each person is an individual.

It is also important to remember that for every person that has the guts to step forward and say it loudly, there are hundreds others who think the same way, but wouldn’t say it for fear of retaliation.

These are few of the courageous Arabs who are willing to speak in public – in their own words:

George Deek – An Arab Israeli diplomat telling his family story



Mosab Hassan Yousef – The son of Hamas leader telling why the US should stand with Israel



Brigitte Gabriel – A Lebanese refugee telling why the Hezbollah and Syria are the problem 


Anet Haskaya – A zionist Muslim Arab: Her three children served in the IDF. Her son (muslim) served in the IDF’s Golani Brigade, fighting Hamas in the Gaza War