A Letter from Tel Aviv

by LeeOr

(The letter was written in summer 2014, when Tel Aviv was under daily rocket attack, launched by Hamas terrorists from Gaza)

Today I woke up to a siren (again). I am so proud of Mike Bloomberg (as if I wasn’t in love with him already) for responding to the FAA with a flight to Israel (welcome!) I was pleased to hear Marco Rubio’s speech to the Senate: he’…s right the situation in Gaza is because of Hamas and they are to be held responsible for consistently putting Palestinians in harm’s way. It is terrifying that they are discovering more and more tunnels into Israel everyday, that Hamas puts on IDF uniforms and shoots at IDF soldiers, that Hamas uses UN ambulances to attack IDF soldiers and UN schools in Gaza to house rockets. It’s with a heavy heart that I sit at home in Tel Aviv while my friends and family are pulled from their every day civilian lives to defend Israel. I am participating in a program through USAID that brings Palestinians and Israelis together in the hopes of building relations and moving forward with the peace process. In light of recent events it has been put on hold indefinitely, is the hope for peace dwindling? I debated canceling my birthday festivities because how selfish could I be to celebrate when thousands are risking their lives, but then I had a thought. The point of terrorism, and Hamas are terrorist experts, it to terrorize. They are celebrating their victory of canceled flights to Israel. They are thrilled that the “humanitarians” of the world are bashing Israel and they are hopeful that the world will soon turn it’s back on Israel. But dear humanitarians of the world: I too care about human rights, I too care about freedom, I too care about the well being of others. I was concerned for human rights when I learned about Fujimori in Peru, when I studied Darfur in high school and when I see that for years now thousands of Syrians are dying. I too am a humanitarian but the reality is that I’ll be damned before I just lay back, give up and allow Hamas to kill me. So I’ll leave you with this: I did celebrate my birthday, it was awesome and we did cheers to the safety and homecoming of all IDF soldiers. SO HAMAS YOU CAN SUCK IT, BECAUSE WE CHOOSE LIFE.

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