The Real Fauda

By Gideon

Aaron Cohen is an American-born Israeli soldier who served in Duvdevan, a top-secret Israeli special forces unit during the difficult days that followed the 2nd Intifiada, when suicide bombers were sent into Israel in waves to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible. Aaron unit’s Duvdevan was Israel’s answer to these terror attacks. Aaron and his friends were sent into Palestinian towns, dressed as Arabs, to intercept these attacks before they happened. It was a very dangerous job that required skills, commitment, and abilities that only few poses.

In his memoir, Aaron describes the difficult training, the dangerous missions, and the mental  challenges that he experienced while serving in Duvdevan. His book preceded by several years the popular TV show Fauda, which is based on the IDF unit Duvdevan. The difference between the two is that Aaron story is real. His book, Brotherhood of Warriors is available on Amazon and Audible. It is a page turner and a recommended read.

More about the book

“Beverly Hills native Aaron Cohen was 18 years old when he left behind his privileged American life with the single-minded ambition of joining Israel’s top anti-terrorist commando unit. After 15 months of grueling training, Cohen was offered the only post a non-Israeli can hold: a top-secret, highly controversial unit that dispatches operatives disguised as Arabs into the Palestinian-controlled West Bank to abduct Hamas leaders and bring them to Israel for trial. Cohen learned flawless Arabic, lost all semblance of his all-American appearance, and participated in countless life-or-death missions. A propulsive, gripping read, Cohen’s story is a rare fly-on-the-wall view into the shadowy world of ‘Black Ops'”. Audible

“HarperCollins Publishers has published a great non-fiction (and bestselling) book called Brotherhood of Warriors that is, in DefenseReview’s opinion, a must read for anyone interested in Israeli Special Operations, anti-terrorism, counterterrorism, and security operations–or anyone interested in a great read, for that matter. Written by Aaron Cohen and Douglas Century, Brotherhood of Warriors is a real page turner. It tells the rather fascinating story of Aaron Cohen, an American who grew up as a somewhat troubled and rebellious rich kid in posh Beverly Hills, hung out with the Hollywood A-list crowd while going to school with their kids, and then took off for Israel to lead a seemingly non sequitur and highly-dangerous secret life as an elite IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Spec-Operator in an elite Special Operations unit called Sayeret Duvdevan. Sayeret Duvdevan (formal name) is a very interesting Israeli military anti-terrorism/counterterrorism unit that specializes in enemy infiltration, surveillance and targeting, Direct Action, and snatch-and-grab missions in urban environments. Discreet, surreptitious urban warfare and ant-terrorism/counterterrorism operations are their business, and as Brad Pitt’s character Lt. Aldo Raine a.k.a. “Aldo the Apache” says in Inglorious Basterds, business is a boomin’.

After finishing his stint with the IDF (Israeli Army), Cohen would return to Los Angeles to establish his security company, IMS/Security360 (“IMS” standing for “Israeli Military Specialists”), becoming a top-tier anti-terrorism/counter-terrorism training and security specialist, specializing in two disciplines: 1) Executive/VIP Protection for A-list celebrities, corporate executives, and politicians, and 2) Anti-Terrorism/Counterrorism training and Tactical Training for military, law enforcement, and security personnel in Israeli anti-terrorism/counterterrorism, Direct action, and security TTP (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures). Brotherhood of Warriors touches very slightly on this current gun-for-hire chapter in Cohen’s life towards the end of the book, but the bulk of the book is spent on his Israeli military Special Operations work–thus the title.” David Crane – Defense Review

“Aaron Cohen’s memoir tells how he came to immigrate to Israel from Beverly Hills as a teenager and complete the grueling training required to join one of Israel’s elite army commando units. Cohen describes his privileged California childhood and his stint at a military academy in Canada, which he credits with transforming him from a lackluster student into a highly motivated and disciplined one. Cohen became fascinated by Israel after hearing stories about the Israel Defense Force from the headmaster, and decided he wanted to make a substantial contribution to Israel’s well being by joining an elite army unit.

The book focuses on the training Cohen received in order to join the IDF’s Sayeret Duvdevan, which operates mainly in undercover roles in Palestinian-controlled areas. Cohen also describes a couple of actual undercover operations in which he participated, including one in which his unit is tasked with kidnapping a Hamas financier from a wedding in the West Bank.” Gil Ehrenkranz – Jewish Book Council

“At the age of eighteen, Aaron Cohen left Beverly Hills to prove himself in the crucible of the armed forces. He was determined to be a part of Israel’s most elite security cadre, akin to the American Green Berets and Navy SEALs. After fifteen months of grueling training designed to break down each individual man and to rebuild him as a warrior, Cohen was offered the only post a non-Israeli can hold in the special forces. In 1996 he joined a top-secret, highly controversial unit that dispatches operatives disguised as Arabs into the Palestinian-controlled West Bank to abduct terrorist leaders and bring them to Israel for interrogation and trial.

Between 1996 and 1998, Aaron Cohen would learn Hebrew and Arabic; become an expert in urban counterterror warfare, the martial art of Krav Maga, and undercover operations; and participate in dozens of life-or-death missions. He would infiltrate a Hamas wedding to seize a wanted terrorist and pose as an American journalist to set a trap for one of the financiers behind the Dizengoff Massacre, taking him down in a brutal, hand-to-hand struggle. A propulsive, gripping read, Cohen’s story is a rare, fly-on-the-wall view into the shadowy world of “black ops” that redefines invincible strength, true danger, and inviolable security.” Amazon