Thank You President Trump!!!

By Gideon

For eight years, every time that the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu visited your predecessor President Obama in the White House, we had the feeling that Netanyahu wasn’t welcome there. The cold shoulder that Obama gave Israel was evident in the Iranian nuclear deal, and in the vote against Israel at the United nations, just days before he left office.  We were in suspense until the last moment, not knowing if he was going to drive another anti-Israeli resolution at the Paris conference on January 15th, just five days before he left office. 

We were relived when you took the oath and became president. We knew that things will finally get better. However, we had to see it to believe it.  

The difference that one month made!!!

To see you with Netanyahu during the press conference at the White house few days ago, both of you smiling and complimenting each other, was like a dream comes true. Something that we’ve been waiting for a long time.

We thank you for showing a strong support for Israel in press conferences and at the UN, and for working closely with Netanyahu to restore order in the Middle East.