Israel Under Fire – November 2016

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By Gideon

As I’m writing these words, uncontrolled fires are spreading across many parts of the country. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. Many houses have been burned down. People have been injured by smoke inhalation. The pictures below tell the story.  If not personally affected, every Israeli has immediate relatives in danger areas.  It is estimated that 220 fires raged across central and northern Israel in the past few days.

It is too early to determine what caused all the fires to be ignited at  almost the same time. The leading theory is arson. People deliberately setting forest  fires, taking advantage of two months of drought in the area and extremely strong eastern winds.

The large number of fires all across the country in such a short period of time indicates an organized terror wave, aimed at spreading the thin Israeli fire fighting force,and bringing the fire fighters to a point of exhaustion and losing control over the fire. The BBC reported that Israeli police have arrested 12 people on suspicion of arson over a series of wildfires that have burned around the country for four days. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that if any of the fires were started deliberately they would be treated as an act of terrorism.

Many social websites in the Arab world celebrated the fires in Israel. However, at the same time, the Palestinian authority sent eight teams to assist in the fire fighting. Egypt and Jordan promised to send fire fighting resources as well. Cyprus, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Russia. France, Azerbaijan, and the US have sent aircrafts and other equipment to help fight the fires.

The fires affect all Israelis, regardless were they live. Israelis have relatives throughout the country. Some of the pictures were sent to me by my cousin Inbal who lives near Karmiel (my Israeli hometown). Karmiel is located in the Galilee Mountains. Karmiel was also threatened by a large fire. Other pictures were taken in Hifa, near the Technion (were I went to college and my wife has a large family). Some pictures were taken near Jerusalem, next to a town where my aunt lives.

From conversation with Israelis, there’s only one explanation that we have for the sudden firest; a deliberate terror attack. Like in many other terror attacks, the fire does not differentiate between people. Although the attack was aimed at densely Jewish populated areas, the fire doesn’t know the difference; nearby houses in Arab towns were also burned in the fire. 

My answer to the arsonists terrorists is to plant new trees in Israel.

You can do the same. It costs only $18 to plant a tree in Israel. Click on this link for details:  JNF Tree Center








Palestinian fire fighters assisting in the fire fighting near Jerusalem and Haifa



Egyptian helicopter assisting in the fire fighting 





Turkish airplane refilling his water tank in the Mediterranean Sea while assisting the fire fighting in Israel 




American Boeing 747 assisting in the fire fighting


The Fire near Karmiel

Russian fire fighting airplane refill its water tank while flying across Lake Kineret

The fire in Zichron Yaakov

The fire in the Judea Mountains

Reports from fire centers

The fire thorough a car window

Driving through the streets of Haifa after the fire – A ghost town


The fire in Israel 


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