Israel’s Olympic hope for medals in Rio 2016

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Uri Sason

Ori Sasson won the bronze medal Friday evening (August 12, 2016) after defeating Alex Maxell Garcia Mendoza of Cuba in the men’s judo over-100 kilogram competition.


By Gideon

Israel has sent a team to each Summer Olympic Game since 1952 (except when they participated in the American-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics) and to each Winter Olympic Games since 1994. Israel won a total of 7 medals  (1 gold, 1 silver, and 5 bronze)  in 60 years of Olympic games.

Olympic medals are rare and hard to come by for Israel. Winning an Olympic medal is a matter of national pride. The Israeli media covers each Israeli athlete, in each Olympic competition. Results are reported on the front page in real time.The goal is to win at least one medal of any color.

Israeli athletes are under tremendous pressure to win a medal. In many cases it works against them and their performance in the Olympic games is not their best. However, when an Israeli athlete wins an Olympic medal, the whole country is celebrating.

It is a much different experience then in the US when top athletes are expected to win gold in almost every event and most people take it for granted. In Israel a bronze medal is appreciated as if it was gold.

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This year, Israel is looking to these young athletes to bring honor to the nation by winning Olympic medals. We wish them the best – Be’Hatzlacha

2016 Israel Olympic team

This is Israel’s  largest Olympic delegation ever, with 47 athletes competing in 17 sports.

Neta Rivkin – Rhythmic Gymnastics



Neta Rivkin is Israel’s most successful rhythmic gymnast. 

Israel’s rhythmic gymnastics team won the gold medal at the the 32nd Rhythmic Gymnastics European championships 2016.

Israel 5 Ribbons Group All Around Final European Games Baku 2015

Olympic Hope – Israel’s Swimming team


All Israel’s medalists in the 2015 European games in Baku



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