The new generation of Israeli singers

In its 10 years of existence, the TV singing competition, Kochav Nolad, produced a new generation of Israeli singers. For almost a decade the show enjoyed exclusivity. However competition from shows like the X-Factor and The Voice Israel, led the producers to changed the show’s format and name. Many of its past participants are now dominating the Israeli show-business landscape. Some are hosting TV shows, other became actors, and quite few are still singing successfully. Here are some of the best new Israeli singers.

Lina Makhoul (The Voice Israel)

Lina Makhoul an Arab Christian Israeli singer from Acre, Israel, won The Voice Israel completion in 2013 in the Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv with 62% of the vote. She sings in Hebrew, Arabic, and English


Yuval Dayan (The Voice Israel)

Yuval Dayan became famous overnight for two reasons; an unforgettable audition to The Voice Israel, and her surprising resignation on stage during a live broadcast of the semi-final show of that competition.  Many predicted that she will be the winner.

In her resignation, Yuval said that everything was moving too fast for her and that she needed time to adjust,

Since her sudden resignation, Yuval recorded several singles. One of them reached the top of the Israeli songs chart. She was voted the Israeli singer of the year for 2014.


Roni Daloomi (Kochav Nolad)

Roni Daloomi won the competition as a teenager. Shortly after the competition she joined the army to complete her obligatory service. She is now beginning her singing career.The song Ten (Give) is one of her first songs after the competition.

Harel Skat  (Kochav Nolad)

Harel Skat was the favorite to win the completion, but in a surprise upset, he finished second. Skat went on to have a successful singing career in Israel.

Idan Amedi  (Kochav Nolad)

Idan Amedi also finished second and went on to have a successful singing career. He composes many of his own songs.

Shiri Mimon (Kochav Nolad)

Shiri Mimon, like Idan and Harel, finished second and went on to have a successful career as a professional singer. In this video she represents Israel in the Euro-vision singing competition.

Adar Gold and Ohad Shragai (Kochav Nolad)

Adar and Ohad participated in the Kochav Nolad singing competition. Adar made it to the quarter final. Ohad made it to the final. He finished in 3rd place. After the competition they teamed up with the talented muscian Illi Butner. Their group is called Ili Butner and the Outsiders Kids. In this performance they are back in Kochav Nolad as guest performers.

Liran Danino (Kochav Nolad)

Liran Danino reached the semi-final in the singing competition. After the competition he developed a successful singing career. Liran composes some of his songs.

Ninet Tayeb (Kochav Nolad)

Ninet was the winner of the of the singing competition. She moved on to become one of the most popular singers who came through this contest.

Harel Moyal (Kochav Nolad)

Harel Moyal was also the winner of the competition. He went on to have a successful singing career. He writes his own songs.