New information about the Munich Massacre of the Olympic Games in 1972


By Gideon

Torture of the athletes by their captors

“Family members of the victims of the massacre of 11 Israeli Olympians during the 1972 Games in Munich only learned the horrifying details of how they were treated 20 years later. The Israelis — athletes and coaches — were beaten and, in at least one case, castrated during the 20 hours that they were held by members of the Palestinian terror group Black September… 

Ilana Romano and Ankie Spitzer, widows of two of the Olympians, discussed the details of the cruelty of the treatment in interviews…They first viewed photos taken during the hostage siege in September 1992, at the home of their lawyer. At the time, they said, they agreed never to discuss them publicly. Prior to that viewing, German authorities had denied that the photos and hundreds of pages of reports on the attack and the failed rescue attempt existed. 

The women say they are coming forward with the information now in order to gain public and official acknowledgement for their murdered husbands and all the members of the team. According to the German documents and photos, weightlifter Yossef Romano was shot trying to overpower the terrorists early in the attack. He was then left to die in front of the other hostages and castrated… It is not known if he was castrated before or after he died. Other hostages were beaten and sustained serious injuries, including broken bones, Spitzer told the newspaper. Her husband, fencing coach Andre Spitzer, and another hostage died during the siege in the Olympic Village; the rest were killed during a rescue attempt at the airport. 

After decades of failed attempts to have the murdered Israeli athletes recognized during the games, the new International Olympic Committee president, Thomas Bach, has agreed to a moment of remembrance during the 2016 Olympics in Rio for all athletes who have died at the Olympics. Spitzer and Romano are lobbying to have the Munich athletes remembered separately, since their deaths were as a result of a terror attack. The IOC reportedly has also agreed to help finance a permanent memorial to the murdered athletes in Munich.” Jerusalem Post – December 1, 2015.

Cover Up by the German Government

“Already on Sept. 7, just one day after the memorial ceremony for the victims took place in Munich’s Olympic Stadium, a [German] Foreign Ministry official told a special sitting of the [German] federal cabinet what would ultimately become the maxim for both Bavarian and West German officials. “Mutual incriminations must be avoided,” a protocol for the meeting reads. “Also, no self-criticism.”

Just how closely this advice was followed can be seen in documentation from both the federal government and the Bavarian state government, which falsely described the “precision” with which the terrorists carried out their attack. In reality, officials knew that the “Black September” members were actually so poorly prepared that they even had trouble finding hotel rooms in Munich before their attack.

On the day of the attack, the Palestinians were even known to have gone right past the Israelis’ apartments in the Olympic village, encountering athletes from Hong Kong on an upper level of the building instead. An “analytic evaluation” of the attack by the Munich criminal police later explicitly determined that the terrorists had “conducted no precise reconnaissance” ahead of time.

But none of these details were revealed to the public. The fact that Bavarian state prosecutors in Munich were pursuing an investigation against police president Manfred Schreiber and his chief of operation on suspicion of negligent manslaughter also wasn’t mentioned in the document.

Clear Warnings

Concrete warnings of a potential attack also went unmentioned, despite the fact that they were so clear that their dismissal remains difficult to comprehend. On Aug. 14, 1972, a German embassy officer in Beirut heard that “an incident would be staged by from the Palestinian side during the Olympic Games in Munich.” Four days later, the Foreign Office forwarded the warning to the state intelligence agency in Bavaria, along with the recommendation to “take all possible available security measures” against such an attack.

Security agencies didn’t even register warnings that appeared in the press. On Sept. 2, three days ahead of the deadly hostage-taking, the Italian publication Gentewrote that terrorists from Black September were planning a “sensational act during the Olympic Games.” Only later — two days after the bloodbath in Munich — was the warning put on record through a tip-off from the Hamburg criminal police.

Responsible officials seem to have attempted to erase any evidence of their failures to prevent the attack, the documents show. A few days afterwards, a chief police commissioner seized information concerning 26 potential crisis scenarios for the Munich Olympics, which had been prepared by a police psychologist to aid in preparing a security concept for the games. One of the scenarios involved an attack by Palestinian terrorists at the Olympic village.

When the Bavarian state intelligence agency inquired after the materials, police officials acknowledged that they had been created and discussed during preparatory seminars ahead of the Olympics, but indicated that a written record was “not available.” The documents are still missing today.” SPIEGEL Online International  – July 23, 2012

Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics

         The Israeli team at the opening ceremony of the 1972 Olympic games

The Israeli athletes in the Munich Olimpics 1972

                                                                       The murdered Israeli athletes 

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 The Mossad Revenge:

Watch the video below to learn how exactly the Mossad (Israel’s spy agency) revenged the massacre of the Israeli athlete’s. Most of the video is in English. There are few short interviews in Hebrew without translation, however, the video is recommended as the Hebrew interviews are not essential to follow the events as they unfolded).



Ein ausgebrannter Hubschrauber des Bundesgrenzschutzes, in dem bei einem Befreiungsversuch mehrere Geiseln der Terrororganisation "Schwarzer September" ums Leben kamen, steht am 06.09.1972 auf dem Flughafen Fürstenfeldbruck. Acht Mitglieder der palästinischen Terrororganisation drangen während der Olympischen Spiele in München in das Appartement der israelischen Mannschaft ein und nahmen elf Teammitglieder als Geiseln. Dabei wurden zwei der Israeli getötet. Bei der späteren Befreiungsaktion der Polizei am Flughafen starben fünf der acht Geiselnehmer, ein Polizist und alle neun Israeli. Foto: dpa (zu dpa-Serie "60 Jahre Bundesrepublik - Olympia-Attentat 1972" vom 04.09.2009) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

 What’s left from the helicopter with the captured Israeli athletes after the failed attack by the German police 


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