Elie Klein


Elie Klein is an Electrical Engineer with a degree from TCNJ (The College of New Jersey). In 2011, immediately after graduating from TCNJ, he made Aliyah and joined the Israeli army, volunteering to the paratroopers, the elite infantry unit. Upon completion of his military service, he attended Bar Ilan Universty where he earned an MBA degree. During his time in Bar Ilan, he played hockey (his favorite sport). His hockey team  won the Israeli championship, in a game in which he was voted the MVP (most valuable player). While in service, Elie wrote a blog about his experience in the Israeli army, which excerpts of it are published here. To read about his experience, click on this links: 

From Hockey Rinks to Parachutes: Becoming an Israeli Paratrooper

The Tough Road to the Red Beret: Becoming an Israeli Paratrooper