Daniella Ashkenazy

Daniella Ashkenazy is a seasoned bilingual Israeli journalist.  Her commentary and other columns and features — serious and humorous — appeared in Davar, Haolam Hazeh, Israel Scene and a host of other Israeli print media that no longer exist due to no fault of her own.  She currently writes occasionally for The Jerusalem Post, JTA and other media, and is the founder and CEO of The Chelm Project and annual Chelm Awards. She can be contacted atchelmonthemed@gmail.com

Ms. Ashkenazy contributed to On Jewish Matters the following articles:

 Israel Education is Too Conflict-Focused and Cerebral 

 Backpage News From The Front – Keep your Spirits Up and Your Head Down!


How a Conflict-Driven Israel Dialogue Warps ‘Israelity’ and How Wild and Wacky Odd News Stories Can Balance the Picture