Bryna Kranzler



Bryna Kranzler is a graduate of Barnard College where she studied playwriting, and Yale University School of Management, where she earned her MBA. Her first book, The Accidental Anarchist: the true story of Jacob Marateck, an Orthodox Jew who was sentenced to death three times in the early 1900s in Russia – and lived to tell about it. He also happened to have been her grandfather, and the book is based on the diaries that Marateck began keeping during the Russo-Japanese War. That was when he decided to overthrow the Czar…

The Accidental Anarchist  ( is the winner of multiple awards, including the Sharp Writ Book Award for General Non-Fiction, the Readers Favorite Award for Historical/Cultural Non-Fiction, the International Book Award, the National Indie Excellence Award for a Historical Biography, and the “USA Best Books” Award for a Historical Biography. 

Ms. Kranzler contributed the following articles:

 How Jewish Bankers Helped Change the Balance of Geopolitical Powers in 1905

The Accidental Anarchist

How to Become the Czar’s Son-in-Law