Why he attacks Israel now? Why it is not going to stop?

By Gideon

It just doesn’t make any sense.

If he wanted to, President Barak Obama, had eight years to force Israel into making concessions in Judea and Samaria. However, until this week he did not do a thing to help the Palestinian cause.

If he wanted to, Secretary of State John Kerry, had four years to make his Middle East Peace speech, however, until today he has done nothing to make the world aware of his deep feelings for the Palestinians. 

Why bringing it up now?

What’s the urgency for picking up a fight with Israel less than a month before they are replaced by a new president and a new secretary of state?

It is hard to believe that Obama or Kerry are adding all this fuel into the Middle East fire, just because they believe that their actions will make a difference for the Palestinians. It is much easier to accept that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is just  a vehicle used by them to benefit Obama and Kerry  in their political afterlife.

It seems that the fact that President Elect Donald Trump is caught in the middle is not a concern in the overall picture, although Trump may be wondering why Obama is making his life more difficult, by sending the Middle East into a downward spiral that could get out of control as soon as Trump moves into office.

When their term is over, some presidents disappear from political life. Others learned how to make money out of their former status and become multi millionaires.

It seems that Obama (who is relatively young) would want to remain relevant and influential when he retires from the presidency. However, he has nowhere to go in American politics.  

If there was a dream of becoming a supreme court justice, it was shattered when Hillary lost the election.

If there was a dream of becoming a First Husband (when Michelle becomes a president), it is fading away quickly without the support of a sitting president (Hillary Clinton) who would have campaigned tirelessly for Michelle (as Obama did for Hillary at the end of his term).

However, if wanted, Obama could remain relevant and on the world’s stage (while making a lot of money in the process) if he becomes an activist in international affairs, in away that is not in a direct competition with President Trump. It seems that the vehicle that has been chosen for it is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Given the publicized poor working relationships between Obama and Netanyahu, once Obama leaves office, Obama will not be able to outdo Trump and become Israel’s best friend. However, he could become the best friend of the Palestinians. The rich Gulf States are likely finance pro-Palestinian causes. There’s plenty of room on this wagon, so there’s no reason to believe that Kerry  won’t join him, if this is what he decides to do.

If looking to establish pro-Palestinian public identity, to make them  credible representatives of Palestinian causes, Obama and Kerry need to lay the foundation while still in office. There are only 20 days left until Trump’s inauguration, so if this is what they are after, we may see more anti-Israeli statements coming through in the meantime. 

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