Why investors pour money into Israel’s Hi-Tech industry

By Gideon

When I originally posted the videos, I had no idea that two days later the largest ever hi-tech Israeli deal will take place, as described in the headline below. The recent news is just one more indicator that investors worldwide choose to spend vast amount of money in Israel.  

To put it in perspective, this one deal is five time the amount of the total annual US aid to Israel. It is also four times bigger than the total annual revenu of the entire Israeli defense industry, which is one of Israel’s most profitable industries.

The videos shown here include interviews with investors, recent developments in the Israeli hi-tech industry, and answers  about the unique aspect of the Israeli hi-tech industry.

“REPORT: INTEL BUYING MOBILEYE FOR $15 BILLION IN BIGGEST ISRAELI HI-TECH DEAL EVER: Technology powerhouse Intel is set to buy Israel’s Mobileye in what is being billed as the biggest Israeli hi-tech deal in history, according to Israeli media reports.  Ha’aretz quoted sources as saying Intel was buying the company, which is developing technology for automated cars, for 14-15 billion dollars.” JPOST March 13, 2017