Why American Jews should consider voting for a Republican candidate

By Gideon

If you are an American Jew, there is at least 66% chance* that you will be  voting for the democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

The following real-life story is a good  example of how devoted are the Jewish voters to the democratic party:

When Rebecca, a Jewish friend, met my  daughter, she told her with excitement that her parents approved her new boyfriend.

“I told them that he is one of us” Rebecca said.

“Jewish?” my daughter asked.

“Democrat” Rebecca replied.

However, the past seven years were tough on the American Jewish community. The current American president, a Democrat, drove the relations with Israel, the other long-time priority of the American Jewish community, to a state that could be seen as unfriendly, if not confrontational.  

For that reason, I wonder, if the choice was between voting for a democratic candidate that is likely to continue the current attitude and policies toward Israel, or voting for a republican candidate that shows genuine support for Israel, will the majority of American Jews vote for the republican candidate?

I’m an American Jew. In the past I voted for democrat candidates and for  republican candidates. The pain I felt in the past seven years drove me to do something I never done before; donating the a political campaign.  I’m currently  donating regularly (small amounts) to Marco Rubio’s campaign. I hope he’ll win the election.  If he is out of the race, I’ll have to make a decision. Most likely, I’ll be picking a candidate from the list below. (I may still vote for a democrat if I’m convinced that he represents my American-Jewish interests better.)

I you are an American Jew and a democrat, my question to you is: Is there any possibility that you will be voting for a republican candidate?  If the answer is yes, it is important to make it known: Your vote will mean a lot more if democratic candidates won’t take your vote for granted and if republican candidates believe that they have a real chance to win your vote. The one-line wornout statements about their support for israel and the needs of the American Jewish community will be replaced by actions.

If you are a republican candidate running for president and want to improve your chances to win the Jewish vote, you should let the Jewish community know where you stand on issues relevant to us. For many of the candidates listed below, nothing substantial comes up when searching this topic on the internet. l

*66% of American Jews voted for president Obama in the last presidential election.

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