When President Trump said “Belive Me” – He Meant It

President Trump, I voted for you because, as a candidate, you had promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the American embassy to Jerusalem. Many other presidential candidates before you promised the same thing but did not have the courage to do that once elected. However, you were a different candidate, not a typical politician, so I felt that I could trust you on this issue.

I began losing my confidence in you when you became president and immediately followed your predecessors’ footsteps by signing an executive order to postpone the US embassy move to Jerusalem. It felt like you were wobbling (me’zagzeg in Hebrew). I wondered if all the promises you made during the presidential campaign were just lies to get elected. As time passed and nothing happened it became harder for me to defend you in front of your critics.

Your speech today changed everything. Finally, after 70 years of empty promises, a sitting American president recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. A historic moment that will forever be remembered by Jewish people of all political affiliations as a moment of triumph and happiness.

Thank you, President Trump, for living up to your promises.


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