Israel’s Independence Day Celebration in Miami


By Gideon

There were actually two Independence  Day celebrations for Israel’s 68th birthday in Miami. The first one was organized by The Florida Israel Friendship League (FIFL), which held the Israeli Independence Day celebration on Sunday May 15, 2016. Below is a short video from the event. The second one was organized by the Israeli American Council (IAC). It took place a week later, on May 22, 2016. FIFL’s main event was a performance by the Revivo’s Project, a popular Israeli Mizrachi (Oriental) group. The IAC’s main event was a performance by Machina, a popular Israeli rock band. Pictures from this event are shown below.

Both events were great. We are fortunate that the FIFL and the IAC produce such huge  events in Miami. The FIFL organization has been doing it for years. It is the second year that the IAC organization produces an Independence Day event in Miami.

It takes tremendous amount of work, coordination, and funds to produce events of this magnitude. Future events should not be taken for granted. They are only possible because of private donations and volunteers, who invest time and money to bring the community together in support of Israel.The motivation to organize events is directly related to public participation. For that reason, it is important to support the events by attending them on a regular basis.

The  ongoing strong support of American Jews, and Israeli born Americans, is essential to the continues support for Israel by American leaders at the local and national levels. Large events, such as the Independence Day celebrations across America,  send strong signals to American Leaders about our priorities. For that reason, the more events we attend the stronger the message. 

Suggestion for improvement: We will show up to support Israel, no matter what. However, the temperature in Miami, on most May afternoons, is  over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade (32 degrees Celsius). The heat is taking away from the celebration. It is just too hot for outdoor activities. It is difficult for the performers to bring out their best, and it is difficult for the crowed to participate in the event. There is no need to have both events a week apart. Florida festival season is in March when the weather is just perfect for outdoor activities. Why not moving one of these events to March? I’m certain that everyone will appreciate it. When the two events are so close to each other, people choose one event or the other. Spreading the celebration over a longer period of time will increase the over all participation, in the celebration, which is after all the primary reason for producing the events.

FIFL Event




Machina at the IAC event in Miami


Machina at the IAC event in Miami


At the IAC event in Miami


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