Out Of Spain – The Sephardi Jews Story


Out of Spain is a 3 DVD collection that tells the story of the Sephardi Jews.

The 1st DVD tells the story of the Jewish people during the Golden Age; a period when Jews prospered, reaching positions of power and influence in the Iberian Peninsula.

The 2nd DVD describes the difficult days that followed the Golden age; a time when most Spanish Jewry was forced to convert to Christianity and the expulsion of the Jews who refused to convert. The 2nd DVD also tells the story of the inquisition that tortured and murdered thousands of converted Jews that were accused of living double life.

The 3rd DVD tells the story of the Conversos (Muranos), Converted Jews who continued to practice Judaism in hiding. How the Jewish tradition was kept to this day in places where small communities believed that they were the only Jews still in existence.

The story is told by Yitzhak Navon, the fifth president of the State of Israel, and former Minister of Education. The DVDs were produced by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority. The set is available in English, Hebrew, and Spanish. Out of Spain is offered by online retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and others.

Word of caution; each DVD is about 3 hours long. It provides a lot of information not found anywhere else. It is very interesting to people who want to know this period. However, people who are looking for a short overview of the period will find it too long for their taste.