Coordinated attack by Netanyau and Trump on Iran in the UN

by Gideon

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the US president Donald Trump, delivered strong warnings to the Iranian government from the podium of the United Nations during the 2017 UN General Assembly in New York. In their speeches (posted here), the two leaders made a distinction between the Iranian leadership and the Iranian people. The two leaders warned the Iranian leadership not to pursue their nuclear dreams. They sent a message to the Iranian people stating that they do not consider them enemy. Netanyahu called for the Iran deal to be amended or scrapped. Donald Trump said “The Iran deal is one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the US has ever entered into to. Frankly, that deal was an embarrassment to the US,” he added. Trump said that we didn’t hear the end of it. Netanyahu said that Israel does not consider the Iranian people to be Israel’s enemy, but only the regime that rules them.

Netanyahu praised US President Donald Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly, calling it the most “courageous speech” he had ever heard at the world body. “In over 30 years in my experience with the UN, I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech,” Netanyahu said in a statement after the speech. “President Trump spoke the truth about the great dangers facing our world, and issued a powerful call to confront them in order to ensure the future of humanity.”

The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency, according to Reuters, that “Trump’s shameless and ignorant remarks, in which he ignored Iran’s fight against terrorism, displays his lack of knowledge and unawareness,”  He added on his official Twitter account that “Trump’s ignorant hate speech belongs in medieval times-not the 21st Century UN-unworthy of a reply. Fake empathy for Iranians fools no one.”

French President Emmanuel Macron warned Trump that alienating the Iran would make more difficult the effort to end Syria’s six-year war.